About Me

Oke Michael

Hi, my name is Oke Michael, a Full Stack Developer based in Lagos State, Nigeria. In my spare time I enjoy playing video games, watching movies and Reading. I started software development while i was still in college, after i saw a friend developing an application. My interest in software development grew as i saw him do write some backend code. I studied Computer Science at the prestigious Lagos State University in Lagos. In 2014, i started writing some backend code in Core PHP. I developed quite some few projects back then in college which kick-started my journey in programming. My first projects were built with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP and MySQL. Interestingly, my toolset remains much the same today. After some years, i felt there is a need for me to start using a backend framework. I chose Laravel Framework, which was created by Taylor Otwell. I love laravel because it was carefully built by Taylor. I moved on to learning a front-end framework, i needed something i can actually custom to my taste, so i chose VueJS by Evan You and Tailwind CSS, which was created by Adam Wathan. I chose VueJS and TailwindCSS because they were perfect combo, the best part i love about them is thier flexibility. These days i focus more on building web interfaces using Laravel, Vue.js and Tailwind CSS.